clubs, bars & hot spots

Posted on Jul 28, 2012 in what to do and where to go

As these change very often, we recommend that you consult the ‘TimeOut’ magazine which you will find in your room, and look at our current affairs files which you can find in our information lounge. Also feel free to ask any of our staff members who will gladly recommend the best places.

  1. Bars
    South Africa has some strange laws concerning the sale of alcohol. A bar, must by law be attached to a hotel, or alternatively be part of a restaurant or cafe! Thus you’ll find that many bars are eating establishments.
  2. Clubs
    Clubs start ‘happening’ at about 22h00, so it is a good idea to enjoy dinner, go to the bar, have a couple of drinks, and then hit the clubbing scene. Dress code is usually as casual as you wish, although some establishments frown on shorts and sneakers. Admission might be free especially for ladies before 23h00. Please ask staff members as they will be able to assist you.
  3. Restaurants
    As in any major city, restaurants change very often. Please check with reception for the ones on top of the list when you are here. Please be advised that in high season you need to make reservations in advance.The Waterfront has many restaurants and even though there are some good ones, they have a tendency not to put too much effort into what they offer. On Sundays most restaurants are closed in the city bowl, so either arrange to have something to eat at the hotel or go exploring out of the city. We’ve tried and tested most of them – here’s our list of the best eateries [LINK TO RESTAURANTS further down the list]